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10 Websites To Sell Handmade Goods

1. eBay

eBay is a popular online marketplace where customers can buy and sell all sorts of products, from clothing and jewelry to handmade crafts and arts. Whatever you are looking for, you can get up to 20% off entire order at eBay with coupon. To obtain the discount online shoppers have to use eBay coupon codes at checkout. As a rule, eBay releases them several times a month and they are valid during a specified period of time. Typically eBay promo offers and coupons are specific to particular products or purchases from select sellers.

Etsy Online Market - Handmadeinamerica

2. Etsy

In 2005 Etsy changed the online market for small-scale artisans creating a new place to sell handcrafted goods. Besides eBay there now can other great sites that you can check out if you love homemade and handcraft treasures. These items range from arts, ceramics, food, health and beauty, jewelry, musical instruments, toys and children's clothing etc. With social media one can email items to friends, post to Facebook and Twitter and use a function called "shop with a friend", lets you invite someone from your social network to view the same retail page.
Tagline: Buy artisan goods. Direct from the maker. There are a few new features such as "time machine", "pounce", Geolocator etc.

3. ArtFire

This Tucson Arizona-based company offers handmade items of fine arts, design, media, vintage, antiques and supplies from 66,000 artisans across the globe. You can look for categories, shop by color, by occasion or by trends. You can even post a wanted ad.
Tagline: Sell without fees. Create without limits.

4. ArtFlock

This website allows you to showcase or find everything from postcards to major masterpieces. One can find others work by style, theme, or color, or by price. Artists who post on this site can create a personalized domain name and a blog.
Tagline: Created by artists, uniquely yours.

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5. Folksy

This websites is the British version of Etsy. However is more of a do-it-yourself focus. It only sells to the United Kingdom.
Tagline: Sew, knit, solder, carve, cast, mold, buy, sell, go!

6. Foodzie

This site offers artisan food from all over the United States. If you're a foodie it's even region is specific. Two other sites or marketplaces to buy and sell gourmet food are Foodoro and Regional Best.
Tagline: Taste something different.

7. ICraft

This Canadian site is another global marketplace for all handmade things. Prices come in both Canadian and U.S. dollars.
Tagline: Creativity without borders.

8. Made It Myself

This site is chock-full of handmade goodies however the site doesn't offer many photos and still has a ways to go in development.
Tagline: Think it. Make it. Sell it.

9. SilkFair

This site is a market that includes not only handmade items but is a little more like eBay. One can find many handmade items.
Tagline: Buy. Sell. Simple!

10. Supermarket

This site caters to the urban hipster and doesn't have artists or designers. Categories are very cool such as "where + carry", "space + place" etc.
Tagline: Great design. Straight from designers. Wherever you buy your handmade items, be sure to search for promo codes to get the lowest price possible.