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Black Smithing

Handmadeinamerica - Art of Iron Forging

When an item is handmade it brings with it a sense of professionalism and quality. Hand crafted items not only support the craftsman but small businesses as well as our economy. These trades not only strengthen our economic stand point but enhance our community as well. Black Smithing is a form of hand crafting metals. This handmade form has been around for centuries.

If you are interested in taking up this craft you will need to focus, study, and learn. Ludlow College offers an amazing course to aid you in becoming a black smith. The literature that comes along with this course was a 1952 publication. Imagine how old this craft truly is. The books focus is to help apprentices and craftsman continue training for excellence in the black smith trade. This publication is still a resource of value till this day. Many studying and working black smiths alike refer to its contents.

The publication lays out the tasks of the smith into a sequence form. It is quipped with text along with photos to help you truly understand each step. Thus the sequences are categorized into lessons which are made easy to study. This book encompasses methods of black smithing that have been strategically chosen so that even someone at a beginning level can comprehend the tasks. Eventually in time the smith will decide his or her own methods as development occurs but this publication is the best beginning point.

We need more items to be crafted here in America to support our economy. Handmadeinamerica.org is a very helpful website if you are interested in becoming educated in a handcrafted trade.