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How to Personalize Your School Supplies

Summer is almost done and even though you don’t want to see summer go, at least you can console yourself by decorating your school supplies. Maybe it’s not the best consolation for the end of summer, but personalizing your school supplies a fun activity to gear up for your first day of classes.

Apple Stamp Book Covers:

If you have some your old textbooks around you have living proof of how beat up your books can get by the end of the year. With spilled drinks, or gum between the pages, all are part of what the books end up looking like. Book covers are a great way to keep your books tidy. And Apple stamping the construction paper you wrap them in guarantees you’re ready for the school year with very cool looking book covers.


-Construction paper big enough to wrap your book in







  1. First you need to stamp the paper. Cut your apple in half and dip it in a tray of paint, the color is up to you.
  2. Stamp your paper however you like and use any other decorations you might want to add. Painting the stem of the Apple, a study warm, a dinosaur or whatever you like and let it dry completely.
  3. When the papers dry, open your book on the underside of the paper meeting the non-painted side.
  4. Cut the paper so there’s about a 5-inch border around the book.
  5. Fold the paper on the covers corners and tape them down to the inside of the book.
  6. Cut the paper so it lays flush against the spine of the book. You cannot fold the paper to the cover here because of the pages.
  7. Tape any loose pieces of paper to the cover just to secure the entire thing.
  8. Feel free to put your book through whatever comes your way.


It’s also a good idea to mark where you left off in your book and bookmarks are simple and wonderful ways to do that. These bookmarks are perfect for your new school year.



-Decorative paper or colored pens

-Black-and-white paper



  1. Cut the corner of the envelope at a diagonal. You should have a diamond shape that will fit the corner of the page.
  2. Cut two triangles of your decorative paper to put on the diamond triangle shape. This will make the face and when you glue it, it should have a gap along the center of the diamond. You can also draw on the envelope diamond to make the face.
  3. Using the white paper, cut out eyes and jagged teeth. The eyes and the top triangle of the diamond and glue the teeth so they stick out from under the pocket of the envelope.
  4. Cut out black circles for the pupils of the eyes include those on. You can add any other decorations such as glitter or sequence.
  5. You have now made a book monster bookmark so you can mark your pages with it.