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How to Take High Quality Photos That will Sell Your Crafts

One of the most important things is that the quality of your photos can make a huge difference in selling your craft. Many new craft business owners don’t understand this and they use lower quality photos because they’re in a hurry, or don’t own a good camera, or they’re just not aware of how much influence a good photo can sell and therefore what prices you can charge.

High Quality Photos

The quality of your photos can absolutely affect the success of your online crop business. You need good, clean and attractive photos to succeed at selling handmade products online. It just won’t happen unless you do have high-quality photos.

Here are some tips for taking high-quality photos to sell your crafts

  1. Use a decent camera.

You don’t really need to have an expensive camera or be an expert photographer, to take good photos of your craft products. Basically you just need a camera that will take sharp photos and show off the detail of your work. A smart phone with a good, 8-mega-pixel camera should do.

If you use an inferior camera, you can run the risk of not being able to get a clear focused picture. Photos with grainy, shadows or backgrounds that are out of focus detract from your work. You might as will list the item for sale without a photo rather than listing it with the poor photo, because of poor photo discourages a customer from buying it.

  1. Shoot your photos in good light.

The best thing to do to ensure you get good photos is to shoot them in good, direct light. There are numerous ways you can accomplish this and you don’t need fancy or expensive equipment.

The easiest way to get good lighting is to take your camera outside on an overcast day. A slightly cloudier gray day gives you the direct light that’s not too bright or glaring, and usually results in stunning photos.

If it’s raining or you don’t have a good place to take photos outside you can get the same effect by shooting on a windowsill. A white windowsill with no curtains or blinds makes it ideal place to take pictures of your crafts.

On top of that, if you want to ensure good lighting but the weather is a corroborating, or you need to take a photo at night, you can build a light box inexpensively. There are lots of tutorials online for building them.

  1. Use simple backgrounds.

If you’re photographing your craft product, you want your creative work to be the star of the photo. Shooting photos with civil backgrounds ensures that the focus is your handmade product.

Plain white walls and hard surfaces make wonderful backgrounds for photos of your crafts. You can use such things like flat stones, brick walls and grassy fields. Avoid busy and complicated backgrounds like colorful flower gardens or pattern fabric that distract customers from the purpose of the photo.

  1. Use a limited number of props.

Using a limited number of props in your crafts photos is the same concept as a simple background. Sometimes a prop can enhance a photo and show off an item but other times props just get in the way and detract.

A good product to use when photographing a handmade ring is a metal ring size or mannequin hand. Bad props distract the customer from the main attraction such as other rings that are not for sale in that listing or piles of other jewelry or a full mannequin figure.

A good rule of thumb is to remember to keep it simple. This way you ensure the potential buyers are focused solely on the item for sale and not of the props.

  1. Wearable products should be modeled.

When you’re selling wearable handmade products, such as a hat or scarf, jewelry, or sweaters, you should have them modeled in your photographs. Being able to see what an item will look like on someone really helps to sell the garment or the piece. Think about all the clothing catalogs and websites that you’ve used in the past to purchase items. All of them are modeled.

You don’t have to hire a professional model to get good photos of your wearable items. Anyone can model and do a great job. They just need to look clean, presentable and happy. You can ask friends or family of all ages to model for you.

Models wearing simple close, neutral colors and minimal makeup and jewelry help keep the focus on the items you are trying to sell.

  1. Edit your photos.

Once you taken a good selection of photos, upload them to your computer and use in editing program of your choice to make them even better. A few simple changes make a big difference in the quality of your photos.

Cropping the photos can really help to focus on the craft product. Cut out any extraneous background or anything that shouldn’t be in the photo.

Adjust the lighting and the photos to brighten them or to enhance their colors. They may appear different in the photo that in real life so you will want to do this. You want your photos to offer the most true to life presentation of the product as possible.

Using these simple tips, you can really learn to take great, high quality photos of your craft products. Remember to take your photos seriously as you do your descriptions, pricing and everything else involved in selling online.

The photo is probably the first thing a customer will see so make sure that they won’t easily forget so they will purchase even more.