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DIY Projects: a Dreamcatcher

If you keep seeing nightmares or dreams where you arrive to school naked and fail to run away because everything becomes slow-motion a dreamcatcher is what you need.

Dreamcatchers – A Glimpse into the History

The dreamcatcher is a craft that was popular among the First Nations people of Canada. The tradition of making dreamcatchers is believed to be started by the Ojibway people who lived in the Lake Huron area. According to the legend good dreams enter a person’s mind through the center of the web while bad dreams get caught in the web and vanish at the sunrise.


  • Strong thread (traditionally sinew was used).
  • Suede lacing.
  • Metal ring of any size.
  • Medium size beads.
  • Feathers.

How to Make It

  1. Make a knot to secure one end of the suede lacing on the metal ring. It is important that you leave about five inches of lacing to hang the dreamcatcher, then wind the suede tightly around the ring until it is covered in suede completely.
  2.  Tie off the suede and make a loop by knotting the two remaining ends together. The loop is needed to hang the dreamcatcher on.
  3.  Get several feet of thread or sinew. Tie one end of it to the top of the ring.
  4.  Now the webbing represents a net of “half-hitch” knots. Then you need to make knots. At first loop the thread over the hoop towards the back, after that bring sinew to the front again. Just pull it up through the hole formed and make sure the thread pulled stays taut.
  5. Goon making such knots around the hoop, with the interval of seven or eight evenly spaced points.
  6. On returning to the top of the hoop, begin the next round of webbing. This time you should make knots on the loops of thread from the first round.
  7.  Thread a bead into the webbing where you want.
  8. Make sure there is a small hole left when you finish making the web. Then tie a double knot and cut the rest of the thread off.
  9. Finally you need to make the feather tassels hanging off the dreamcatcher. Cut several lengths of suede and tie them to the bottom of the dreamcatcher.
  10. Tuck a few beads onto each piece of suede and tie knots in the suede so they don’t move. Push the ends of the feathers through the beads and your dreamcatcher is ready!  

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