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Handmade Christmas Gifts

One can make the season merrier by crafting a handful of some great homemade Christmas gifts. Each Christmas gift is sure to while your loved ones.

Patterned jewelry dish - everyone knows a jewelry fanatic. You can make sure their favorite earrings never go missing with a handmade jewelry dish. Rollout acrylic clay to 1/4 inch thick and trace a circle or heart shape with a toothpick. Trim off excess clay with a butter knife. And boss Clay with rubberstamps, lease or doilies. Place a paper bowl upside down in a baking tray, and place your clay creation upside down on top, gently rounding the edges to match the bowl. Bake according to the manufacturer's instructions. Sand with fine grit sandpaper and paint with acrylic paint.

Felt scarf cup wraps - bundle up your hot drinks in cozy, stylish charm. To make the wrap cut according to inch to felt to one through edges. Adjust the link to fit a trouble cup. Snip both ends of felt stripped to mimic French and remove slivers of felt to make fringe more obvious. Tie the felt strip around the cup. To make the tag, glue a bead to the end of a bamboo skewer. Cut a 1.25 x 4" rectangle from colored card stock. Stamp the rectangle with a suitable sentiment. Punch a snowflake from white card stock in it here beside the stamp sentiment. Top of the gem sticker. Trim a V-shaped notch in the right-hand side of the card stock flag, glue flag to skewer, and insert in scarf wrapped cup.

Frame tablets stand - our homemade tablet stand is a perfect Christmas gift for the Baker in your family. To create the base, cut one long end of a 5 x 8" block at an angle with the table saw so picture frame of your choice can be mounted to it. Make sure the frame is slightly larger than your tablet. Cut a half inch bubble that will hold the tablet at an angle at approximately 18. Paint the base, then attach the frame to the stand with wood glue and secure with clamps and let dry.

Thoughtful desk decor - on a strict budget but still want to give a thoughtful gift? Create some artistic paperweights for a friend's desk. Gather smooth river rocks and wash them with water and let dry. Use extra fine tip oil-based markers and acrylic paint to decorate with desired colors and designs.

Driftwood coasters - give to these trendy coasters to a friend who loves to entertain. Bring out the natural beauty of driftwood by using a band saw to cut one and a half inch slices and wipe down with a soft cloth. Sand the edges until smooth and wipe again. Stack the coasters and tie with twine or ribbon. If desired, include decorated glass cups to round out your gift.

Quick and easy dinner kit - for the friend who's got a busy weeknight schedule, give the gift of a worry free dinner. Fill one jar with pasta and one with pesto or a favorite sauce. Embellished our lives with festive ribbon. Add white yarn to colander holes for snowflake look. Finish with printable tag and a ribbon bow.

Personalized cup and saucer - if your friend is a tea fanatic, they will love relaxing with a hand-decorated teacup and saucer. Pick up a plain ceramic cup and saucer and decorate using a ceramic paint pen. For some design ideas you can use your loved ones initials, a favorite flower or quote.

Book picture frame - a beautiful vintage children's book can easily transform into a heartfelt, personalized picture frame. Using a crafts knife carefully cut a rectangular out from the cover. To create the mat, cut a few of the inside pages into a rectangle a bit smaller than the cover rectangle. Tie the pages to the cover and tape a photo in place.

Dipped pots - basic terra cotta flowerpots can be easily updated for creative Christmas gift in no time. A simple painting technique is all you need.

Monogram pillowcases - give personalize white sheets this Christmas season for an easy and low cost gift idea. Stitch ribbon and Rickrack along the edges of the pillowcases and top sheet. For a no-sew solution, attach the trims with fusible web, available fabric stores. Uses stencil and fabric paint to monogram the pillowcases.

Snowflake sachets - tuck and invigorating herbs inside a snowflake top sachet for a pretty Christmas gift. First, cut a 4 x 8" linen rectangle. Fold in half to make a square and then iron. Tape off a quarter inch border on the front. Trim self-adhesive paper into a three and half inch square and cut out a snowflake stencil. Remove the backing and centered the design on the linen. Apply acrylic paint with a stencil brush and let dry and remove stencil. Stitch along three open edges with silver embroidery floss. Insert wool or cotton fiber fill in a dried herb, such as lavender and stitch the opening closed. Stack a few sachets and tie with twine for a sweet smelling gift.