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How to Sell Handmade Crafts

To sell on eBay and be successful you want to make sure you showcase your items correctly to a wide audience of interested buyers.

1. Prepare to Sell Your Crafts

Know Your Audience - selling on eBay gives you access to a wide customer base. Know your audience, the age range, interests, and what demographic understands the value of homemade goods.
Research Similar Items - look at listings similar to the items you want to sell. See how much others are charging for items and shipping. Check out others' photos, formats etc.

2. Listing Your Handmade Items

Be Descriptive - the strategic in your description. Keywords and details such as craft type, item size, materials, and potential uses. Include payment options, shipping methods and costs.
Take High Quality Photos - quality photos are important successful sales. Use a good backdrop and good lighting and take the picture from several different angles.
Choose a Format - you have two choices for selling on eBay. Auction style listings and fixed-price listings. Auction style gives you limited control of the final price. You may add a "Buy It Now", this allows a buyer to purchase outright. Fixed-price listings give you the final say in the price.
Price to Sell - start the bidding low and consider including shipping as free shipping is always a big draw to sell your item.
Determine a Shipping Format - using a postal scale can be helpful to determine shipping cost. Major shipping providers are the best way to go.

3. Post Sale

Payment - one can accept many kinds of payment but the best is PayPal. Buyers have a peace of mind and PayPal offers on-site communication and conflict resolution.
Packing and Shipping - packing your handmade crafts is very important. Choose appropriate sized boxes, include packing material and wrap breakable's well. You can print labels through eBay.
Communicate with the Buyer - good communication means good success on selling on eBay. Be prompt in answering questions and be professional as if you're running a business. Make a good impression on your customer. It won't take you long to become a pro and enjoy the benefits of selling on eBay. Often eBay runs promotions like List and sell an item by April 02, 2016, and get a $10 eBay Coupon when the item sells. Check coupon sites for current eBay Special Promotion.

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