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Nine Homemade Gift Ideas: Frugal and Fast

There is something very special about receiving a homemade gift. If you want to get homemade gifts, learn to keep it simple. Here are some ideas for simple handmade gifts that will be enjoyed by all who receive them.

The Gift of Tea

The gift of herbal tea blends is very easy to put together in bags or jars for presents. There are many different herbal tea blends one can choose from. Include chai tea concentrate, it's delicious.

The Gift of Honey

Raw honey in glass jars infused with herbs and spices is a great gift idea. Chamomile infused honey and vanilla infused honey are both delicious and only take a week or two to infuse.

The Gift of Candles

Beeswax candles are the candles of choice. One can hand dip them or make beeswax candles in a jar. You can even try making a candle with cookie cutters, an interesting idea.

The Gift of Jars

Gifts in jars are all the rage. There are many ideas of things to include, including baking mixes and all sorts of goodies. Some ideas are granola bars in a jar, a Chinese spice blend, 6 bean soup mix and cranberry Christmas bread in a jar. Be creative and build a sewing kit in a jar, or a garden in a jar.

The Gift of Pictures

There is something very special about giving a picture as a gift. One can make a glass jar picture frame. Family photos or art prints can be used. Photo gifts are great! You can print free photobook at Shutterfly with coupons. Check coupon sites to get promo code for Shutterfly.

The Gift of Gardening

When looking for a gift for your favorite gardener consider presenting these seed bombs that even don't require any digging. They consist of equal parts of seeds, compost, and clay. What is really great about them is that they don't have to be planted! All you need to do is just throw them wherever you would like them to grow. What an amazing gift idea!

The Gift of Baked Goods

Every family enjoys traditional baking during holiday seasons. Others always look forward to receiving yummy treats. For those that are a little healthier, there are many baked good healthy choices.

The Gift of Play

Children love handmade gifts like everyone else. Any child would be thrilled to receive a gift of Playdough, finger paints, Moon Sand, Cloud Dough.

The Gift of Time

The most precious gift you can give someone is your time. We need to be intentional about spending time with others and not get so busy and wrapped up in life. One idea is a basket of date nights. Choose 12 fun things to do with your spouse or your kids, put the idea and a prepaid budget in an envelope and choose one a month. Be creative and use your imagination.

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