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The Top 5 Educational Toys for Your Children

Who needs television and video games when you have amazing educational toys right at your finger tips! A variety of puzzles, card sets, toys and tools will keep your child stay busy for hours. These toys are proven to aid in children’s brain development. The top five educational toys will teach your children basic concepts as well as numbers, and colors. They will also equip your child with the capability to discover their desire for learning and questioning the world around them. With the combination of toys and education brought into one your children will never even realize just how much they are learning because they will be having too much fun! Give your child the gift of educational fun with any of these top five handmade and eco friendly games/toys listed below. You never know this could help them become the top student with in their class. Use these tools during summer to help better prepare your student for the following year. Give them an educational boost! Parents as well as teachers can benefit from implementing these tools into their students lives.

  1. 1. Teach Me System Game by Apple N’ Amos
  2. This game was derived from the concepts of Montessori and thus was created into a Teach Me System that helps improve children’s reading skills, motor skills, spelling skills and much much more. Inside the toy kit you can find small blocks of words, acorns, and various shapes just to name a few. Your child will be able to match colors, learn a variety of words and basic concepts to help in build their lifelong learning foundation. This game is highly portable which provides hours of fun from any location (ideal for long car rides).

  3. 2. ABC Alphabet Magnetic Card Toy Set by Zebra
  4. This magnet set is perfect to decorate your fridge with! Each magnetic alphabet card includes a letter from the alphabet along with an image to associate with the said letter, providing better learning recognition with the letter. This set is highly ideal for Pre - K students as well as Kindergarten students to aid them in learning their ABC’s and giving them a solid foundation to begin school.

  5. 3. Matchstick Puzzle Set by Tinocchio
  6. The whole family will be able to join on the puzzle! This puzzle promotes the skill of problem solving. It will help develop your child’s critical thinking. The Matches and puzzle sheets come placed in embellished wooden boxes for keep sake. Tinocchio provides lead - free paint for the matchsticks which make this puzzle set entertaining as well as eco-friendly. One can even get innovative and create their own puzzle sets to truly challenge your child’s problem solving capabilities.

  7. 4. Organic Wood Sewing Toy Kit by Wilderness Serenity
  8. This toy kit will seriously aid in the development of your child’s motor skills and creative thinking! Every sewing kit comes equipped with twelve sized wooden rounds, cotton thread, a lacing wood piece and a wooden needle. It is made from organic products and salvaged trees making Wilderness Serenity’s wood sewing kid perfectly safe for your kids to enjoy.

  9. 5. Wooden Acorn Waldorf Sorting Game by Indie Bambinos
  10. This game teaches sorting and matching skills with acorns! Through these color coordinated mini acorns and bowls, your children can learn organizational skills by color. The brightly colored acorns will help your child to easily differentiate each acorn from the next. This game comes fully equipped with twelve large and brightly paint acorns with six bowls easily stored in a muslin bag. The acorns/bowls are sealed in a non-toxic shellac and natural beeswax with a combo of extra virgin olive oil making this toy acorn kit highly durable and safe for your kids to handle.

Handmadeinamerica - System Game by Apple N’ Amos Handmadeinamerica - ABC Alphabet Magnetic Card Toy Set by Zebra Handmadeinamerica - Matchstick Puzzle Set by Tinocchio