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Where to Get the Best Handmade Jewelry

Visiting the Gem Faire is an occasion to get inspired and update your wardrobe of accessories. Here you can find something radically new and rethink already known trends. In addition, it is important to learn how to choose the best for yourself and wear it according to your own laws, and not blindly copy images from advertising campaigns.

Admission Ticket Gem Faire 2022

No look can be complete without appropriate accessories and now with the trend for democratic handmade jewelry items it's easy to look stylish staying on the budget. Also, ethnic motifs remain ultra-stylish and emphasizing your national identity is still extremely popular.

Looking for some unique jewelry I visited Gem Faire near me. It was Gem Faire Costa Mesa, one of the largest in California. In fact, Gem Fair 2022 is the largest jewelry event in the U.S. with about 50 shows a year. The fair is open Friday through Sunday and there is $7 admission fee, excluding children of 11 years old and under.

Vendors at Gem Faire Costa Mesa

This is not my first visit to the show, and I knew what to expect from the event like that. Typically, you can find here a wide range of affordable jewelry, including beads, crystals, semi-precious gemstones and more. Vendor from all over the country bring their products which they offer at manufacturer's prices. The selection is enormous, and there is a chance to discover something truly original and exclusive.

Actually, I have never seen a wider assortment of jewelry than it is offered at events like that, and the prices are too good to ignore. There are so many beads of all colors and of different material, pendants with gemstones, necklaces and more.

The most beloved and valuable creations are those created by oneself.

Amber Pendants at Gem Faire Costa Mesa

What I was looking for is a nice amber necklace and I came to the right place. Here I saw very many amber necklaces and pendants of various sizes and shapes. I bought one beautiful necklace and thought it would be a good idea to purchase a wooden jewelry box as well, but they were not available for sale at the event. If I found it on the Gem Faire, I would purchase the jewelry box for women right away. First, I got disappointed, but then, fortunately, I was struck by an idea to order personalized jewelry box.

I know that companies like Amazon, Things Remembered, Personalization Mall and Shutterfly offer personalization for a variety of products. I checked these sites and liked the assortment of jewelry boxes offered at Personalization Mall. From personalized jewelry box with ballerina to laconic monogramed jewelry box and heart shaped jewelry boxes made of various material, the choice is great, and personalization is always free. In addition, I used Personalization Mall coupon and saved 25% on my order with code 1DAYSALE.

Pendants Assortment at Gem Faire, Costa Mesa

Now I am very happy to have an awesome jewelry box bearing my name to store my new amber necklace. To be honest, I believe that gemstones possess certain power and can influence our emotional and physical state. I noticed that when I wear my amber necklace, I feel a sudden surge of energy and easily meet my daily goals. It seems that nothing can stop me now. At the same time, I feel some warmth coming from the gemstone and I tend to easily cope with anxiety that vexes me most days.

Crystals at Gem Faire, Costa Mesa

I'm so glad that I checked out Costa Mesa Gem Faire and found the piece of jewelry that fits me so much. I know there is a special science dedicated to the impact of precious and semi-precious stones on the person's mood and emotional state. But by using bmygut feeling I managed to pick the stone that works best for me.