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Alpaca Tours with Hands on Experience

When you travel with kids you need to keep them entertained and the best way for me to keep them busy and have fun is to take them to a tour with hands on experience. But parents also want to have fun so I always look for family friendly attractions both parents and children will in enjoy.

Maternity and Nursery Sign on The Alpaca Farm, Arizona

I can recommend visiting Plum Creek Alpacas farm located at Prescott Valley in Arizona (8260 East Plum Creek Way, Prescott Valley, Arizona) to learn as much as possible about raising alpacas. My family and I spent the whole day there during our trip to Arizona and it was one of the most delightful experiences we have ever had.

On the day of our visit, we were welcomed by two guard dogs who turned out to be quite friendly. The farm is quite large and there are several places you had better check. First, we were taken to see pregnant alpaca dorm, then we headed to Maternity & Nursery. The tour guide made stops at each location and told us a lot of interesting facts about alpacas, their habits, character, what they eat, how they play.

Kids love asking questions, and here their questions are welcomed, moreover the tour guide encouraged the kids to ask more questions.

Alpaca with Cubs on The Farm at Prescott Valley

We learned a lot about breeding elite Alpacas. During the tour you are allowed to pet and even feed the animals. The Alpaca babies are so sweet. Being closer to animals awakens the desire to protect those who depend on us and learn more about these creatures. And I am grateful for the opportunity to stay close to these beautiful and noble animals. We took camera with us and made many nice photos for us to remember about the time we spent there.

Alpaca is an incredibly beautiful animal that gets along well with humans.

Fluffy Alpaca Toys

At the end of the tour we visited the farm store offering a wide range of Alpaca products. If you are looking for unique gifts, it’s for sure the place to check out. Everything offered for sale there is handmade and most of the stuff are handmade end products from Alpaca. From warm and comfortable Alpaca socks and luxury scarf from baby Alpaca wool to hand stitched ornaments and Goat Milk Soap with Felted Alpaca, everything is an end-product from Alpaca. Even handmade gnome ornaments come with real Alpaca fiber beards, it’s just amazing.

Alpaca Farm Souvenirs in a Farm Store, Prescott Valley

Among the exclusive gifts you will find are mugs with photos of Alpacas made an this very farm as well as photo magnets. I love personalized stuff and often purchase unique handmade gifts at Etsy. I am always on the lookout for exclusive things you can purchase for yourself, your home or your loved ones. I was happy to find exclusive items hard to find elsewhere. I loved this gift shop very much and purchased some gifts for my friends and family. Kids loved mugs with photos of Alpacas, and they were very surprised but happy to see the images of those cute animals they fed in the farm.

Alpacas feeding at Prescott Valley Farm

A tour to Plum Creek Alpacas farm was just unforgettable. It was the first time my kids and I saw the animals up close and had a chance to fed them. The tour guide told interesting storied about each of Alpacas in the farm and at the end we bought the mugs with their photos. This tour was very special and is sure to remain a very memorable as well. Anyway, every time my children will drink from their mugs, they will remember about cute Alpacas they saw at the farm.