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Easy Handcrafted Alize Puffy Ideas: Where to Get Supplies

I have always thought that knitting is difficult. It requires having special tools and yarn, along with getting some technical knitting skills. But recently I discovered that one can knit just using your hands, no tools are needed.

Alize Puffy Yarn - Charcoal Gray, Beige and Turquoise Colors

My friend's daughter has got a new hobby – Alize Puffy loop knitting which inspired me to learn more about it. And since I was looking for a thoughtful gift for her, I did some research about Alize Puffy yarn. I wanted to present her plenty of knitting supplies as she was very enthusiastic about her new hobby. So, I checked several stores and found out where to get Alize Puffy yarn at the lowest price possible.

Working with Alize Puffy Yarn

When I first saw knit accessories made of Alize Puffy yarn, I couldn't believe they are made by just weaving by bare hands. But then I saw the process myself and realized that it is not a miracle but just skill, patience and perseverance combined together. I can watch this process for hours, it's so fascinating. I am so proud to have a scarf made of Alize Puffy and it's my favorite now to wear in winter.

Good ideas are filled with good yarn! Love what you knit.

Knitting with Alize Puffy Yarn

As I mentioned before I wanted to make a gift for my friend's daughter and searched for places to buy Alize Puffy. While searching I discovered many interesting things about this new method of knitting. Loop yarn finger knitting is becoming more and more popular. Loop yarn finger knitters use Alize Puffy, a Turkish brand that produces and distributes Alize Puffy and Alize Puffy Fine yarn, in fact, it's very easy to confuse these two types of yarn. The latter is much thinner and is mostly used for loop knitting toys and baby blankets.
Well, if you live in Europe or Middle East, it's easy to order directly from Turkey and get it delivered fast. But if you are in North America like me ordering from Turkey is the least convenient way. The fastest and cheapest way to get Alize Puffy loop yarn in the U.S. is to buy it at Amazon and Etsy.

3 Rolls of Alize Puffy Yarn

I love buying stuff at Amazon, but the trick with Alize Puffy is that it's not widely available in the U.S. and on Amazon in particular. You won't find good deals on Alize Puffy loop yarn on Amazon too as it's a new product at the North American market. If you check out Amazon, you will see that 3 rolls of Alize Puffy Fine Yarn Baby Blanket of 100 gram each cost 17.99 and they qualify for free delivery. The yarn is made of 100% Micro Polyester and doesn't require hook and needle. You can make blankets and even dolls using it.
Or you can purchase Alize Puffy Color Baby Blanket Yarn for $25. It's multicolored and weighs a little more – 400 grams. Just keep in mind that Color Baby Blanket means yarn that includes two or three colors that come together to create a unique lovely multicolored pattern. Also, I found a seller that offered Alize Puffy Fine Baby Blanket Small Loop for $27, its weight is 400 grams too.

Scarves Made of Alize Puffy Yarn

Then I checked Etsy and saw hundreds of stores offering Alize Puffy. So, I recommend buying Alize Puffy loop yarn on Etsy. There are much more sellers on Etsy who offer Alize Puffy loop yarn for less, plus many would offer their Etsy Coupon for free shipping or discount on your purchase, especially if you buy in bulk. For example, I found a nice Etsy seller who offered free shipping even with minimum purchase. You can choose the type of shipping depending on how fast you want your order to be delivered or how much you want to pay.

Hand-Knitted Scarves From Alize Puffy Yarn

Plus Etsy is an excellent source for creative ideas and new projects using Alize Puffy loop yarn. Once you get into loop knitting you become a little bit addicted to a new craft and you keep looking for more projects that inspire. It's convenient to be able to shop for supplies and have access to hundreds of samples at a one-stop online destination.
I'm sure that soon Alize Puffy loop yarn will be widely available at the North American Market I will be able to purchase it at my local Michaels store, but so far Etsy is the best place to get it.